Customer Business Data – Policy

DN2K believes providing processes that ensure privacy, security, and control of your business data is important to maintaining your trust.

We are committed to building a secure platform based on three principles:

  • Value – The data you create has value and if you choose to share it, we believe that value can grow.
  • Transparency – We want you to understand what we do, why we do it and what it means to you.
  • Control – You are in control of the data that’s collected and with whom it is shared. We will not share non-anonymized data without your permission.

These principles will guide our decisions as we continue the relationship we’ve been building with our customers.

Business Data Principles

This overview discusses data and related end-user application services offered in the United States and Canada.

1. Data Services

We provide data and related end-user application to support your and our business needs. Your participation in these services will help us provide current and future data services to enable your and our business.

2. Data Uses

We use customer business data to help you do your job, and to help us make our products, services, and business more useful.

  • In general, DN2K and our data service providers may access your business data when necessary to provide services or administer your account.
  • In addition, we may use your data to improve our products and services.
  • We do not use personal data beyond what is necessary to provide your service and administer your account.

3. Consent & Control

We gather your consent to use and share data.

  • Your permission for usage and disclosure is included in your service terms or contracts with us.
  • We provide you the ability to manage your data use preferences.
  • You control the management and sharing of business data within your account.
  • You may delete data from your account.

4. Data Disclosures

We carefully manage how data is disclosed to others according to your agreements with us and your preferences.

  • To support your subscription services and to perform our business operations we may disclose data to affiliates, suppliers, and our service providers.
  • You can also download and share the data in your account at your discretion.
  • We may offer or sell information services derived from anonymized data to non-affiliates and other parties. Examples include reports for industry research, trend analysis and benchmarking. You have the ability to opt-out of your data being included in our anonymized data sets.
  • Court orders, legal processes or other legal requirements may require us to disclose these business data.

5. Data Protection

We protect the business data you provide us.

  • We and our partners maintain physical and computer security to protect the data entrusted to us.
  • We maintain internal access controls to ensure use and disclosure commitments.
  • We obey applicable country law for managing data and protecting your rights.

6. More information

For further details, please contact Customer Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

*These frequently asked questions discuss data and related end-user application services offered in Canada and the United States.

Please note that the answers to these questions are purely informational summaries of our practices. The policies and provisions that govern our use of data and personal information are stated in our customer contracts, data policy, and privacy policy.

Why should I allow DN2K to use customer data internally?

DN2K will use customer data to provide you services and may use the data to improve customer’s experience, and to develop new products and services.

The data is also necessary to manage orders for services, optimize resource for the website, provide the application for a customer to use, field customer support calls about their services, and items related to the delivery of the service itself.

Why should I allow DN2K to anonymize and aggregate data, and share it externally?

DN2K may anonymize data from the customers’ account and share it externally for benchmarking and other information services. External sharing means that once the data has been anonymized, DN2K may share datasets with parties such as customers, agricultural retailers, agricultural service providers, seed and agricultural chemical companies, universities and other research organizations, equipment industry consortiums, and others like them.

What are some examples of the potential benefits of allowing DN2K to share Anonymized Data externally?

It could allow summary reports of an entire county’s or region’s average yield results for a particular seed hybrid with similar growing conditions and management practices. DN2K could use the information to create product performance reports that allow seed and agricultural chemical companies to understand how their products work under various growing conditions and management practices as an input into research and development activities, potentially creating better products for customers in the future.

As it relates to “other information services,” DN2K will NOT use internally or share anonymized data to external parties who DN2K believes intend to use it to influence markets, provide an advantage to commodity traders or support supply hedging by food companies.

Are there cases in which you should not submit data to the DN2K system?

Your choices, and DN2K’s ability to use the data consistent with your choices, apply to all data managed in your account from the point in time the data arrives in that account. We want to ensure that these data choices are being made by the correct parties.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you, your employees, and your equipment only submit data to your account if you have the right to control and grant DN2K access to use.

Can I change my Data Usage choices at a later date?

Yes, you can change your selections in the future if you wish to do so.

Your selections are not retroactive, however. Data collected during a period of time will be subject to the choices in place at the time it arrived in the account. If you change your choices, they will apply to data collected from that point forward in time.

Can I delete the data in an account from the system once it has been uploaded?

Yes. You may delete data from your account by accessing the DN2K system. You may contact customer support for any assistance required.

If during the time this data has been in the system MyAgCentral has created anonymized datasets for its internal use combining data from your account with other data – we will not delete those anonymized datasets.

If I allow DN2K to use the data from my account internally, who will be able to see it within DN2K?

If you entrust this data to DN2K, only those that are responsible for providing you services may have access to data in original and anonymized forms. The trust of you and your fellow customers is important to DN2K.

It is also important for you to understand that court orders, legal processes or other legal requirements may require us to disclose these data to others.

What is DN2K's position on data ownership?

We believe customers own information generated by their operations. However, agriculture is a complex, dynamic industry. Customers use our tools and offerings in many different ways, which complicate the issue of ownership. Expectations, relationships, contracts and laws regarding data control and ownership vary from place to place, operation to operation, and even on a single farm. For example:

  • Custom harvesters or equipment operators who may have the right to share production data.
  • Landlord and/or tenants who may have the right to share some or all production data from a farm.
  • Agronomists and other consultants who may have the right to share data.
  • A farmer may buy licenses to use commercial prescription files, other technologies, or seed hybrids that the farmer does not own.

Different circumstances can make determining who owns data complicated and unclear. That’s why we believe control of the data is the most important issue.

DN2K encourages you to understand the specific terms and rights of data ownership defined in the contracts and/or agreements you have with us and other parties. Because those terms of data ownership vary, DN2K is designed to allow each customer to control the data in their account and decide if it is appropriate to share with others.

MyAgCentral believes you should control data generated by your operations, and we created MyAgCentral to help you exercise that control.